I know


Before we started

I know this isn’t easy.  In fact, it’s harder than we expected.

I know I’m out of the house more than you want.  I’m sorry.

I know it’s stressful not knowing if our credit card will be accepted or not.  It’s getting better.

I know we grouse at each other more than we should.  Maybe we just need more coffee?

I know our daughter understands some of the stresses.  She will become resilient.


I know five years ago we were both working full time.

I know five years ago we said we would work our asses off for five more years.  We have.

I know five years ago we decided that our fledgling business would support us in five years.  It’s not, yet.

I know the power of goals.  Our business has only been around for 56 months.

I know I joked about the light in the tunnel being either the end of the tunnel or a train.  It’s the end of the tunnel.

4.10 #4

I know we would not trade our life.  Even if I were to earn six figures.

I know there are still a few things we want.  But our needs are simple.

I know that if our business keeps bumping along as it has, it will support us; 64 months after we started it.

I know I will not be finished working.  But it’s downhill to the finish line.

I know it’s easy to focus on the negative.  But the flip side is so much brighter.



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