I know


Before we started

I know this isn’t easy.  In fact, it’s harder than we expected.

I know I’m out of the house more than you want.  I’m sorry.

I know it’s stressful not knowing if our credit card will be accepted or not.  It’s getting better.

I know we grouse at each other more than we should.  Maybe we just need more coffee?

I know our daughter understands some of the stresses.  She will become resilient.


I know five years ago we were both working full time.

I know five years ago we said we would work our asses off for five more years.  We have.

I know five years ago we decided that our fledgling business would support us in five years.  It’s not, yet.

I know the power of goals.  Our business has only been around for 56 months.

I know I joked about the light in the tunnel being either the end of the tunnel or a train.  It’s the end of the tunnel.

4.10 #4

I know we would not trade our life.  Even if I were to earn six figures.

I know there are still a few things we want.  But our needs are simple.

I know that if our business keeps bumping along as it has, it will support us; 64 months after we started it.

I know I will not be finished working.  But it’s downhill to the finish line.

I know it’s easy to focus on the negative.  But the flip side is so much brighter.



It gets better with age

Kitchen (Before)

Kitchen (Before)

I do feel that my projects are moving slowly but at least they are moving.  These pictures show the (slow) transformation of the kitchen at the most recent project to be flipped.  I’m not done, but I am hanging drywall.

Cabinets removed.

Cabinets removed.

I work seven days per week.  That is not a brag, it simply is.  Working seven days per week tricks the brain into forgetting exactly which day is today.  Maybe that is why so many religions have a Sabbath – one day to reset and let everyone know which day is which.

Cabinets and horse hair plaster removed.

Cabinets and horse hair plaster removed.

As I was working the ceiling collapsed on me (yes, fell onto me).  It didn’t feel great.  Falling ceilings are always a concern in old homes (who knew?).

Insulated and wall board going up.

Insulated and wall board going up.

A friend is helping me so that he can gain some experience working on homes.  He is a fellow MBA.  Interestingly enough, every day he tells me that he enjoys the satisfaction gained from this ‘man’s work’.  I too experience significant satisfaction from the work I complete.

Walls partially finished.

Walls partially finished.

One of the great satisfactions of this work is the ability to see my own abilities improving.  I would not consider my abilities ‘expert’ but the more projects I complete, the more I see my work transforming from “WTF dude” to “Hey, that actually looks kinda nice”.