Darkest before the dawn


I seem to reach a point in all of my projects where I feel I’m working and working and working but no progress is being made.  Wiring, plumbing, hell even framing, take time and must be done but I always feel there is no progress.  I come home tired.  Hands bleeding, back strained, and dog tired (there is something good about that kind of tired, you know?).

What keeps me moving through the mire is the knowledge (and it is becoming knowledge at this point) that there exists an inflection point when the project starts to gel.  Not dissimilar to the point where, after a seemingly interminable amount of kneading, flour, water, salt and yeast become bread dough.  My inflection point is when my vision for the project starts to take hold, asserting the vision’s dominance over the mess I began with.


Yet, I still feel I am slogging through the work.  Most rough framing completed – check; most wiring done – check; most plumbing completed – check; oops, head back for more rough framing, touch up the piping.  Almost done? Nope, forgot to do some structural work.  Then finish the rough framing before I can finish the wiring.  Great!  Now it’s all ready for drywall (except the ONE DAMN OUTLET that I forgot…ARUGHHH!).

(my wife accuses me of opening too many projects before I finish one…I’ve never argued that point)

Anyway, I continue pushing through the frustration, knowing I’ll turn the corner soon.



Let there be Light


I’m tired, my hands ache, and the raw skin on my knuckles screams at me each and every time I bump my hands (which is a lot).  There were two overhead lights  when I started working on this house.  I have been adding recessed lights to add some light to the house but to also help keep all available head room – the walls are only seven feet tall.  Reaching into walls to pull wires causes me to bump my hands and fingers in many painful ways.

Don’t trust an electrician with soft hands and not a little dirt under his nails!

As I improve this house, I am able to celebrate small victories.  Today’s was the (almost) completion of all electrical work in the first phase of this project.  The work is complete enough to celebrate, even if it is a little premature.  However, these small victories dull my sense of accomplishment on this project, almost like trying to watch a river cut a new channel.

As I pulled the above photo off my phone, I had the opportunity to review the work to date and, admittedly, smiled to myself as I look at all that has been accomplished in 39 days (yes, the house used to be pink):

img_20160904_121026     img_20160907_115524

I probably won’t be ready for guests for the Temple game, but progress is happening.