A Haunting

We’re working on our new townhouse.  It’s an old house that was let go into disrepair some years ago.  The adjacent townhouse has fallen into foreclosure and is now being prepared for sale by the bank.  A few tools have gone missing, which we attributed to some ‘handy’ subs that were working on the adjacent townhouse and got into ours. However, just this week, weird things began happening:

1) We left a bucket of slop water on the 2nd floor after finishing our tile work. The next morning, I got a call from my contractor to ask if I had returned the previous evening and knocked the bucket over because the tile slop and water were all over the 2nd floor.

2) Two days later, I was working on the 1st floor and heard something moving in the basement. I announced my presence (not that it wouldn’t have been known with all the noise I was making), and promptly left the house, settling where I could see the two exits from the house to see if anyone would leave. No one did and the noises stopped for the remainder of the time I worked there.

3) Yesterday, my brother and I were hanging sheetrock and we heard a crash, like scaffolding had fallen over; again, nothing and no one. My brother left for lunch and I was precutting sheets for when he returned. After he had been gone a reasonable length of time, I was upstairs and heard a crash from the room in which we were hanging drywall. I figured he had returned and had tripped over something – except his car wasn’t back. I went downstairs and nothing had fallen or was out of place.

4) I was completing the hanging of drywall and as I walked into the room to be hung, a cold wind hit me in the face and I felt like I was walking underwater. No windows were open, no vents were open, and it’s a boiler system.

My wife tells me I need to let the occupant of the house know all we are doing is trying to restore it to it’s former beauty.