New Beginnings



Excitement is brewing here at HBS.  Over the past two weeks, some investments have been made which will allow us to continue HBS’s expansion.  I will continue to explore possible future employment with “the man”, but I would rather be “the man”.

So, with part of that investment, I closed on another UFUO on Friday.  I didn’t take any interior pictures, but will do so and will post them shortly.  This property needs a new kitchen, bathroom, carpeting, front & back doors, and paint.  Once the property is rehabbed and rented, I will refinance the loan to pull out my equity to redeploy on additional properties.

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  1. Congratulations! Really exciting. HBS has such a great mission, making properties livable, attractive and affordable for those who might never have been able to dream of such a house prior to HBS’s work.

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