Project updates

An angel investor gave me a sizable chunk of change to take to the upcoming tax sale; I decided to celebrate by stopping in to Starbucks for a grande chai.  My angel investor not only gave me money to invest, but he also offered to help in any way in the future.

I misunderstood the definition of ‘busy as a bee’, until this past month.  Because a family unexpectedly moved out, my time has been spent either working on HBS (usually during daylight hours), 2-hrs of family life daily (usually dinner and after dinner story time – Wilson Podpie the Pileated Woodpecker anyone?), and 3+ hours of school work between the hours of 8.30pm and 11pm and again from 5am until 8am.  The beautiful weekends have helped keep everything perspective.

In addition to the kitchen renovation, our recent purchase is being reconstructed.  The demolition is mostly complete and new parts are being added.

Kitchen pictures:

IMG_20150919_171839697 IMG_20150920_140129032 IMG_20150920_174520155_HDR IMG_20150920_140143718_HDR IMG_20150912_160113023

Contractor Rehab (footer for the new wall):


Update from the trenches

IMG_20150906_144044502 IMG_20150906_142214447 IMG_20150906_142209634 IMG_20150906_142206569


I had a family move out in relatively quick fashion last week.  I was informed (via phone call) of a musty smell in the house.  That day (a Saturday), I installed a dehumidifier in the basement.  Two days later, I received another call to inform me that a much more significant problem must be present.  I called a local mold mitigation contractor (who immediately informed me they would simply bill my insurance company…scam much?)

The local contractor did actually visit the house, but refused to provide a fixed quote.  They simply said “we’ll let you know how much it will be when we’re finished”.  Unfortunately, I’m not in a position to accept a contract on those terms, so I decided to handle the kitchen remodel myself.

I have a list of ‘must be remodeled at some point’ projects and this kitchen is a part of that list.  The kitchen will be finished by Thanksgiving, hopefully before.  While tearing into the walls, I found original newspaper articles the construction of the house.  Most dated from 1890 and 1891!  Philipsburg had great sarsaparilla, some sort of ‘Indian loans'(?) and an active corset market.

Needless to say, I found very little mold, except a little under the kitchen sink.  I will be fixing the sources of water (leaky pipes) and reinstalling a kitchen.  I’ve decided to go for some San Francisco charm and rather than install $600+ upper cabinets, I will use some black iron pipe:

Black Iron Pipe shelving

Let’s hope the final product looks half as awesome.

New Beginnings



Excitement is brewing here at HBS.  Over the past two weeks, some investments have been made which will allow us to continue HBS’s expansion.  I will continue to explore possible future employment with “the man”, but I would rather be “the man”.

So, with part of that investment, I closed on another UFUO on Friday.  I didn’t take any interior pictures, but will do so and will post them shortly.  This property needs a new kitchen, bathroom, carpeting, front & back doors, and paint.  Once the property is rehabbed and rented, I will refinance the loan to pull out my equity to redeploy on additional properties.

Also, check out our new Facebook page:



This is the first day in a long time that can be described as ‘excellent’.  I wish I had the energy to get my thoughts and feelings written, but it’s past midnight and I ‘slept in’ until 5.20am yesterday.  I’m tired, but I’ve had a good day.  I won’t be divulging everything yet, but this dusty corner of the Internet will become more active in the future.


The only clue I will give is the following: Security and Freedom are at opposite ends of the same linear scale and I am walking with confidence towards the Freedom end.  It’s scary but exciting.

Sorry for the late night blast

I’m supposed to be doing “Strategic Financial Management” right now.  Yep, sounds about as interesting as you would expect (OK, I’m a nerd…it is kind of fun).


However, I decided to pull up some of my old posts and reflect on what I had to say a little over 12 months ago.  This blog actually had a few good things to say.  I’ll post some updates here shortly.


It’s another busy semester.