The Law does work!

Water damage

Back in February, I wrote to my Congressman concerning the increase in my flood insurance for UFUO #2.  The cost of insurance had increased almost 400%.  According to the law, that was illegal.  I wasn’t sure how to proceed, so I emailed my insurance carrier and my congressman.  No one had any answers for me except “well, it looks like the insurance company is correct”.

Well, without any warning, I received a check and a letter explaining that the law (which was in effect when I paid my premium) restricted the premium to only 18% over my previous premium.  The check was for the difference (with the full 18% increase in place).

I’m not sure why it took so long for me to receive the money, why the only answer to my emails was “it is what it is”, but it all ended up working out in the end.

I still have to figure out if they can again increase the insurance 18% again this year, or if I’m spared that increase.

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  1. That’s awesome! What a demonstration. This was NOT the outcome in Florida, so this is not one of those things that would have “just happened anyway.”

    So grateful! Maybe you should become the Congressman someday….

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