Reappearing Act

My very first foray into house flipping was a little tough.  My original contractor decided to remove the entire bathroom before asking me.  Needless to say, I was horrified.  Not-too-soon afterward, the original contractor was fired and a new contractor was hired.

Sometimes I wonder how I manage to get myself into the situations in which I end up.  It helps to have a sense of humor to laugh off these ‘small’ speed bumps.

When I met with my new contractor, I basically shrugged off the missing bathroom, trying to put on an air of control about the entire project.  I did let my new contractor know that I fired the other contractor for not discussing the removal of the bathroom prior to the demolition.  My new contractor has called me to discuss every decision on the project (quite a relief).

I visited the site on Sunday, approximately 3 weeks after the original bathroom disappeared and found the following:

The walls are back in place, the drywall is up, the shower is installed and the plumbing is roughed in for the vanity and toilet.  (The toilet is sitting in my driveway)  The bathroom should be painted in a few days with the vanity and toilet installed, hopefully before April 5, when the investors come to inspect the site.

It’s nice to be working with an entirely competent contractor on this flip.  It has really settled my nerves.

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