BtW: Weeks 6-9

These past few weeks have been incredibly cold (yes, I’m a wuss) and snowy (I only have a road bike…need to save for a fatty).  So yes, I’ve been creating a ton of CO2 while driving to and from work, not to mention the gasoline consumed.

About three weeks ago, before one of the more recent snow storms, I had brought my bike to work, anticipating riding home.  After 6″+ of snow, the ride home was not to be.  Finally, this past Friday, I was able to ride home.  On this particular ride, I decided to take a different route home.  The new route took me up a steep, snow covered hill.  As I approached the hill, I saw a sled at the bottom with no one around.  Perfect end to a LONG week.

I grabbed the sled and with bike in tow, headed up the hill.  About two thirds the way up, I saw this sign:



I decided that the sled was steerable so long as I used my feet to steer to the right and left.  I got to the top of the hill, set my bike down and got on the sled.

It was a great ride to the bottom.  I haven’t really ridden a sled since high school and this was tons of fun.  I left the sled where I found it, hiked back to the top of the hill and continued on my way home.

Savings: None.


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