BtW: Week #5



BtW was a massive fail this week.  No only did we have sub-zero temperatures, we were also forecast to get 1″ of snow.  The picture above is from Thursday evening.  The snow continued to fall into Friday morning.  Friday was cloudy with no snow, but Friday night/Saturday morning the snow started again.  Again, we are forecast to ‘only’ receive 1″ of additional accumulation.  I just finished shoveling 3″ off of my driveway (7am Saturday morning).

Needless to say, I didn’t bike to work at all this week.  Not one single day.

On Wednesday, I had had enough, so I decided to play hooky from work for an hour or so and went for a hike on some of my most favorite trails in PA in Rothrock State Forest.  It had been so cold on Wednesday morning (-19degF in some areas) that when I got out of my car, I thought the local temperatures had warmed up a bit, so I hiked in a wool sweater, down vest and a ball cap.  The hike was beautiful.  Clear blue skies, bright sun, white snow.  Some of the local streams were still flowing, casting off some mist that quickly froze to form really neat ice formations.

IMG_20140212_121014568 IMG_20140212_122125607_HDR


By the end of my hike, I was feeling a little cold but had a great hike.  I turned on my car and the car’s thermometer was reading 12degF.  Certainly not warm, but on a relative scale, almost 30 degrees warmer than -19!

I love to run in the snow, so when the forecast called for 1″ of snow on Thursday, I figured I would go run the trails in Rothrock.  By the time I got to Rothrock, there were almost 6″ of snow on the ground.  The run was great, but I was sore on Friday.  Here’s a pic from the end of the run:



Here’s to hoping BtW#6 is a much more active week.


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