BtW: Week #4

Trusty Steed

Hoo boy this week was a rough week.  I knew it was going to be cold this week, but intended to bundle up and ride through the cold.  I wasn’t prepared for the snow.  I closed on the house I’m flipping on Monday.  The lawyer’s office is all of 1.5 miles away.  Even in the car, it took me nearly 10 minutes to get there!  By Wednesday, the roads had mostly cleared, except for the freezing rain we received Tuesday night…another busted bike day.  Thursday I was able to get a ride from a coworker, so I saved a little money.  Friday I had to be at the Shop and it was damn cold, the bike trails were all snowed/iced over and I needed to pick up some tools…another busted bike day.  Altogether a weak showing for my BtW goal.

BtW Week 4 Stats:
Miles Biked: 0
Car Miles Saved: 14.2 (my coworker picked me up)
Gallons of Gas: .68
Dollar value of Gas: $2.35


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