When did I last use Calculus?



My dad gave me a t-shirt for Christmas that says something along the lines of “The last time I used calculus was….” (yes, I forget the last time I actually used calculus)  The picture above is of an Antibubble.  A science experiment of mine that I completed with my dad’s help when I was in eighth grade (the picture is from a physists website here).  Sometimes I wondered why my parents pushed me to try these crazy math classes and science experiments (radio active salt…yes, I’ve got that in the basement somewhere!).

What I learned from these math classes and science experiments was not that ice crystals are anisotropic crystalline solids, nor dV/dt = a (I think, I may have gotten that one wrong).  Rather I learned that it’s important to stick your neck out.  It’s important to try new things, push my personal comfort zone; it’s important to simply show up.

Too many times people are offered ‘deals of a life time’ and for whatever reason, are not motivated enough to act on these deals.  Three times in the past three months I have asked a friend of mine to have breakfast so we could hash through some business ideas of mine (I even offered to pay because I knew he was/is short on cash).  Each of the three times, we’ve set a date and time to have coffee.  Each time I would show up, I would wait 15 minutes before I got my coffee (and send him a text).  Thirty minutes after our meeting was scheduled to start, I would be finishing my coffee, wondering why he hadn’t bothered to show up.  Forty five minutes after we were supposed to meet, I would be packing up and leaving.

I was going to offer to put up the cash and half the labor in exchange for him putting in half the labor and being a partner on a fix-and-hold rental.

He just never showed up.