BtW: Week #3

This week was cold.  Really cold.  Two of my units had some frozen pipes.  One thawed with no problems, in the other, the pipe burst.

In my other pursuits, I didn’t technically bike to work this week (too cold), but was able to car pool with one of my coworkers for three days this week and I rode my bike TO work on Friday.

I didn’t bike to work as much as I wanted, so I won’t count this week toward my 2014 goal of biking to work 66% of the time.  However, I will count this towards my 2014 frugality goals.

BtW Week 3 Stats:
Miles Biked: 9.6
Car Miles Saved: 57.6
Gallons of Gas: 2.74
Dollar value of Gas: $9.55

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