BtW: Week #2



It was a cold week for riding my bike.  A simple Google search for “Cold Bike Ride” came up with the above image, which is how I felt on two of my rides.  But, luckily I’m not Johnny!

This week I managed to save three car trips by biking.  I biked to and from work on Monday, to work on Tuesday and from work on Friday.  The way I figure my math is as follows: My wife had a pet sitting client very near where I work, so she needs the car each day.  If she were to drive me to and from work each day, plus visit the client, she would have a minimum of two trips per day, up to three trips, depending on our schedule.

On Tuesday, we had one trip (one trip saved) and on Friday, we technically had two trips, but would have had three if I needed to be picked up, so again, one trip saved.

The Friday trip home was better than the Tuesday trip into work, less painful, but still cold.  I decided to wear my steel-toed boots, after having warmed them up.  That helped keep my feet warm for about 1/3 of my ride.  For the 2nd third of my ride, my toes were cold.  The last third of my ride I knew I needed to get home.

About two miles from home, when I was really thinking my toes hurt and worrying about frost bite, I remembered the 101st and 82nd Airborne in the Ardennes.  When the Germans asked that the allied forces surrender, Lt. General Kinnard replied “Nuts!”  That was my mantra as I finished my ride home.

BtW Week 2 Stats:
Miles Biked: 38.4
Car Miles Saved: 57.6
Gallons of Gas: 2.74
Dollar value of Gas: $9.62

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  1. That picture of “Johnny” was priceless!

    Your efforts are inspiring, as long as you hold onto those toes. As I recall, past Klondike Derbies may have done some damage in that neighborhood.

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