Trusty Steed


Coldest bike ride today, but I’m feeling more confident riding on some busy roads to get to work.  It was sub-32degF this morning when I left home, but the roads were dry.  Tried a new route in to work and it only requires me to be on one busy road (45mph) for approximately one quarter mile.  The only downside is that the ride home heads up a big hill.

Savings: I’m going to start reporting only cumulative savings at the end of each week, only because the daily savings will vary very slightly: I bike the same path to work and I used to drive the same route to work.

Cumulative savings:
Car Miles Saved: 57.6
Miles Biked: 54.3
Gallons of Gas: 2.75
Dollar value of Gas: $9.63 (Pays for the weekend visit to the local coffee shop)

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