Well, I survived a second day biking to work.  I picked up two lights for my bike, a front and rear light.  I’m not quite the UFO I want to look like, but I’m one step closer.  I next want to get a light for my helmet and a second light for the rear of the bike.

It was cooler today.  Frost was starting to form as I rode home.  I scared one rabbit that was being stalked by a cat.  My running myst help with the biking, because while I am winded while riding, my legs aren’t aching (too much), and I wasn’t at all sore today.

I realized that my math in BtW1 was wrong.  I calculated the savings as if I had simply driven the same path I biked.  I should have calculated the savings from driving the route I would have had to drive to get to work.  Savings actually increased slightly from the numbers on BtW1.

19.2 Car Miles
0.91 Gallons of Gas

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