Just Do It

For some reason, the Nike quote “Just Do It” reminds me of my brother, Ethan (along with the simple quote “Whatever…”).  Regardless, “Just Do It” is a great way to live your life.  There is no reason NOT to try something.  For instance, about one month ago I sent an email to a county official requesting a meeting to discuss a project.  An email is easy to send, and if it wasn’t answered (it wasn’t) and I was still serious (I was), I could call the official.  Never did I think I would willingly sit with a government official.

Well, today, I did.

I presented a project I want to pursue to two officials with the county’s Planning and Community Development team.  The project is a 10-unit building with 8 apartments and two commercial spaces that needs a gut rehab (UFUO #4?).  If I am able to get this project off the ground, it’s going to be tight, as in, I’m going to have to raise almost half a million dollars to see this project through to the end and if I OWE $500,000 on this project, the cash flow isn’t great, but it’s there.

The biggest stumbling block is “How do you raise $500,000 to see this project through to the end”?  A lot of people would simply stop with that question.  Their answer: “It’s impossible.”

Well, after my meeting today (with my Just Do It attitude) I learned there is a state grant available to developers (eg: me), of up to $150,000 to develop or redevelop properties that will house income qualified individuals.  For my county, “Income Qualified” translates to housing costs of up to $668.75/month for a family of two.  In addition to the grant being available, the county officials “would really like to see development in the town” where the building is located.

Without a “Just Do It” attitude, I probably wouldn’t have emailed and called the official and wouldn’t have learned about the grant, so I would be stuck trying to figure out how to raise 25% of $500,000.

What have you got to lose?  Just Do It.


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