UFUO #1.  This is the house that got everything started.

My Realtor and I were touring quite a few shabby single family homes, basements completely filled from floor to ceiling with trash (coffin shaped things filled with dirt…a little freaky), mushrooms growing from the ceiling, etc.  I was getting a little discouraged.  All the properties in my budget were horrible.  Not only would I have to worry about Dracula, but I’d also have to complete extensive renovations, all on a thread-bare shoe string budget.

The day we were touring the homes, Zillow.com was indicating a new listing a few blocks away.  I convinced my agent to show me the house.  Walking through the house, I was excited.  The house needed work (it still needs some work), but beyond some moldy bread, a stained carpet and a lack of good lighting, the house was mostly intact.  As we were standing in the kitchen, my agent turned to me and said “Liam, I think this is the one.”

I agreed.  We submitted an offer the next day.

As with any deal, there were a few bumps along the road, but as a whole, everything came together perfectly.  The house needed a little work: new switches, new outlets, work to bring the panel box up to code, shut-offs and a new water meter, a REAL good cleaning and a few new lights.  I was able to complete all of the work for under $2,500.  I don’t have many before/after pictures, but what I do have are found below.

Two weeks after closing on the property, I had it rented for $825/month.  It was a pretty good deal.  I texted my brother the picture of the keys about 5 minutes after I picked them up (my parents didn’t know about the house yet).


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