UFUO #2 – Update 4

Plumbing:  Many people really dislike plumbing.  For me, it’s more like putting Legos together.  First comes this elbow, then a 24″ straight run followed by a quarter turn ball valve…

UFUO#2 needed some minor plumbing improvements.  Most of the plumbing issues were ‘trim’ issues, meaning the previous owner had never properly supported the pipes or simply used a convoluted plumbing design.  The water pressure is incredibly high at UFUO#2, so for better or worse, I installed an expansion tank.  I should get a plumber to install a backflow preventer and a pressure reducer…all for another day.

The plumbing to the kitchen is stubbed out below the floor.  I plan to use Sharkbite fittings to convert from copper to PEX.  I’ll get these fittings at Home Depot.


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