UFUO #2 – Update 2

The bathroom in the UFUO Duplex was a disaster.  The toilet had leaked for long enough that about 30% of the subfloor was rotten; the faucet in the tub had rusted shut; the electrical ‘improvements’ didn’t quite fit, so the sink base had been cut to accommodate the ‘improvements’; lastly, exposed wiring ran behind the toilet (what?!?) over to behind the sink (double ‘what’?!?).  I removed the rotten subfloor, replumbed the pipes, laid a new tile floor for under the tub, and have laid new hardwood flooring for the rest of the bathroom (it’s a small area).  I still need to hang some drywall (see the electrical pictures), install a light, the toilet, the faucet and the tub hardware.

Pictures to date:

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