UFUO #2 – Update 1

I’ve been working on the duplex, in my ‘spare’ time since early April 2013.  By the time I finish, I will have personally completed at least 95% of the work.  A friend of mine is helping paint in his spare time and I used Bath Fitter for the tub (after some initial issues with a sales trainee, Bath Fitter was awesome).  Beyond that, I have reframed walls, hung and finished drywall, laid tile floor, laid hardwood floor, patched plaster, repaired a shoddy wiring job, painted, removed and replaced urine soaked subfloor, and will replace all of the stair treads because most are broken.  It’s been a little crazy.  My wife has really held things together at home while I’ve been doing working on this project.  I’ve made good on my promise that our next real estate purchase would be a fully rented building (Duplex #2).

Some paint and new subfloor:


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